25 for 25 is an original content series by Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE to mark the historic milestone of Beijing +25 in March, as well as Women’s History Month. The series will highlight activists, CHIME Advisory Board members, partners and supporters who represent the progress made on gender equality over the past 25 years, as well as the emerging next generation continuing this critical work.

CHIME is proud to continue its series with Marcella Pirrone, lawyer, feminist, human rights lawyer and co-founder of D.i.Re (Donne in Rete contro la violenza), the umbrella association representing 80 women-operated shelters supporting women who have experienced domestic violence throughout Italy. CHIME has partnered with D.i.Re to support their work on projects related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Explore Marcella’s reflections on gender equality below, and learn more about our partnership here.


What are your hopes and expectations for gender equality in the next 25 years?

That it is taken more seriously by policy-makers and employers with effective measures and visible consequences (fines? public blame?) if not implemented; not only words and promises.

What does gender equality mean to you?

Freedom of choice, right to desire, all chances of development and realization of personal skills and qualities really possible, chance for independent biographies according to own attitudes and wishes.

What keeps you energized and committed as a leader for gender equality?

The exchange and commitment with other engaged women human rights activists, every woman who manages to experience equality.

What advice would you give younger generations on how to advocate / work for gender equality as they get older?

To be always “AWARE”, not let pass any – even so little – attack to women’s equality, stand up and ask for equal treatment/chances, create and spread good practices and good models; use joint forces, creativity and strength to empower oneself and other women. Be a “positive” mirror for your daughters and all women.

Who do you look to as an example / role model in the fight for gender equality?

Every single woman who manages to be faithful to herself in the everyday challenges as a woman in this still very patriarchal society.

Photos courtesy of Manuela Tessaro from Bolzano