CHIME FOR CHANGE Releases “Anonymous Comes To Town”


Apr 20, 2019

To continue amplifying the voices of women and girls who remain unheard, CHIME FOR CHANGE partnered with the Guardian and Tribeca Film Institute to release “Anonymous Comes To Town”, a new short film by Nancy Schwartzman, coinciding with Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

“Anonymous Comes To Town” tells the story of Steubenville, Ohio, a sleepy football town in America’s rustbelt, best known for high school football and being the birthplace of Dean Martin, until a teen sexual assault committed by two members of the football team surfaced. When the mysterious and shadowy internet group “Anonymous” caught wind of the story, they decided to intervene. After publishing videos and social media from the night of the assault to their millions of online followers, they sparked viral outrage and demands for #JusticeforJaneDoe. They unleashed a passionate mob and their actions divided the small town, but in the process, gave strength to generations of women who were forced to hide a legacy of abuse that until then was ignored.

“Anonymous Comes To Town” is a companion piece to Nancy’s feature length film, Roll Red Roll, currently in theaters, and premiering on the BBC and PBS this June.

Watch and share the film below, helping us ignite conversations about our shared responsibility to end violence against women.