CHIME Through the Years: “Men Buy Sex” by Alice Russell for Women’s Voices Now


Jul 9, 2020

CHIME FOR CHANGE Through the Years: The Female Fabric is a series curated by CHIME Managing Editor Mariane Pearl featuring stories from the CHIME journalism platform archives by women around the world.

By Alice Russell for Women’s Voices Now

Three men share radically different experiences of paying for sex while three women lip sync to their words. A frank exploration of gender inequality that uses subverted perspectives to ask: What can their stories tell us about our society, others, and ourselves? Men Buy Sex was an official selection of the 2017 WVN Online Film Festival.

Alice Russell has been working in the documentary industry for the past six years on a variety of formats from independent feature docs, to broadcast current affairs, to immersive interactive installations. She’s interested in exploring alternative viewpoints and illuminating the many shades of gray. Men Buy Sex is her directing debut.