CHIME Through the Years: ‘Steady Paths’ by Laura Hernandez


Jul 18, 2020

CHIME FOR CHANGE Through the Years: The Female Fabric is a series curated by CHIME Managing Editor Mariane Pearl featuring stories from the CHIME journalism platform archives by women around the world.

By Laura Hernandez, 36, Communication Specialist, Journalist & Activist

From October 8-12, 2018, 12 intrepid female journalists participated in CHIME FOR CHANGE’s third Women Bylines workshop in Mexico City, led by CHIME FOR CHANGE’s Managing Editor Mariane Pearl. The five-day workshop provided a safe space for writers, filmmakers and photographers to discuss and develop under-reported stories affecting women in Mexico. Participants produced seven powerful pieces—four films and three multimedia pieces.

Laura is a communication specialist, journalist and activist who specializes in gender-based violence. Her role is to help victims recover from abusive relationships and rebuild their self-esteem.

When she herself started experiencing domestic violence, Laura had a difficult time accepting it. Yet she couldn’t help but recognize that she was experiencing the different stages other victims had been describing to her. Here, she tells her story and interviews four other women whose accounts seem shockingly like her own: most perpetrators are partners and husbands, men who once promised to love you.