The Irregular Report: Gen Z and Fluidity


May 2, 2019

CHIME FOR CHANGE and Irregular Labs partnered to release the second edition of the biannual The Irregular Report, exploring the theme of Fluidity through the lens of girl and gender nonconforming Gen Zs. It is produced with and by a community of 6 Gen Z editors and more than 2,500 Gen Zs around the world in partnership with Irregular Labs.

Preview The Irregular Report on Fluidity featuring Gen Z activists and leaders discussing topics around gender, creativity, politics, education and economics including:

– Movement building with March For Our Lives activist Sarah Chadwick

– Reflections on the #MeToo movement in India by 19-year-old Sakshi Goenka

– Fashion designer Harris Reed and their mom in conversation with Lula Ososki, Editor of The Irregular Report’s Creativity Section

– Graphic novelist Tille Walden in conversation with Nicolaia Rips, Co-Editor of The Irregular Report

– Poet, performance artist and activist Travis Alabanza in conversation with journalist Micha Frazer-Carroll

– The future of labels and identity politics by activist Sage Grace Dolan-Sandrino

– Activist Adam Eli in conversation with Nicolaia Rips

– An essay on emotions by activist Tanya Compas

– Afghan rapper and artist Sonita Alizadeh in conversation with spoken word poet Priyal Thakka

Explore their contributions in The Irregular Report: Fluidity here.