Jan 24, 2019

CHIME FOR CHANGE and Irregular Labs partnered to release the second edition of the biannual The Irregular Report, exploring the theme of Fluidity.

Through The Irregular Report, CHIME FOR CHANGE celebrates the next generation of leaders who are championing gender equality and inspiring positive change through creativity and active citizenship. The biannual report explores different topics through the lens of girl and gender nonconforming Gen Zs. It is produced with and by a global Gen Z community.

“Gen Z is fluid because, besides the restriction of gender labels constantly progressing to allow a more fluid world, we are also fluid in every aspect because we no longer ascribe ourselves and judge each other strictly. Generation Z being fluid emphasizes that we are still creating ourselves and we are allowing our generation to be limitless,” said Co-Editor in Chief Nicolaia Rips. “To me, to be fluid is to exist in a full way. It means embracing my multiplicity of self, embracing the number of things I want to do, the way I want to do them, the complexity of my friends, the beauty of our collective individuality.”

“Generation Z inspires me so much when it comes to their views and activism on gender,” said Tori West, editor of the Gender section. “They don’t see all these binaries that structure older generations and they’re constantly fighting against them in more creative ways.”

Preview some of the contributions in the gallery here and the full Gender section of the Irregular Report on Fluidity can be found here: