Women Bylines Mexico: ‘People Like Carmen’ by Maya Goded


Sep 4, 2019

From October 8-12, 2018, 12 intrepid female journalists participated in CHIME FOR CHANGE’s third Women Bylines workshop in Mexico City, led by CHIME FOR CHANGE’s Managing Editor Mariane Pearl. The five-day workshop provided a safe space for writers, filmmakers and photographers to discuss and develop under-reported stories affecting women in Mexico. Participants produced seven powerful pieces—four films and three multimedia pieces.

People Like Carmen by Maya Goded, 50 (Photographer)

Brought up in a politically committed family, as a child, Maya was encouraged to develop her social consciousness and to keep an eye open for the unbeaten paths in life. Today, she has spent more than 30 years taking photographs of the women Mexico would rather not see or show. Her journey starts when she becomes pregnant. To confront her fear of having her life taken over by her baby, she decides to find unconventional women who are about to become mothers as well. This is how she meets Carmen, a prostitute who becomes Maya’s friend and subject over the years. Carmen is also Maya’s first step in her in-depth journey exploring lives on the sidewalks of Mexico.