Women Bylines Mexico: ‘The Protest’ by Veronica Munoz


Sep 4, 2019

From October 8-12, 2018, 12 intrepid female journalists participated in CHIME FOR CHANGE’s third Women Bylines workshop in Mexico City, led by CHIME FOR CHANGE’s Managing Editor Mariane Pearl. The five-day workshop provided a safe space for writers, filmmakers and photographers to discuss and develop under-reported stories affecting women in Mexico. Participants produced seven powerful pieces—four films and three multimedia pieces.

The Protest by Veronica Munoz, 27 (Journalist)

Every member in Veronica’s family has been ill since anyone can remember. Today she herself has multiple infections, and her two sons are also suffering from chronic bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases.
Veronica is from Pachuca, a region known for its silver mining activities.
But the dust left by the extraction has been making people very sick for decades without anyone protesting the powerful interest of multinationals involved in the industry. Veronica has also experienced sexual violence, including rape when she was 15 years old. Here, she draws a parallel between the violence that women confront in Mexico and the violation of life-sustaining natural resources. Veronica argues that it is the same profound disrespect towards life that allows both type of abuses to exist and continue.