Sep 17, 2020

Guest-edited by Kimberlé Crenshaw, Co-Founder of AAPF and #SayHerName, the special edition CHIME Zine amplifies the voices of Black women and girls. 

September 17, 2020 (New York, NY) – Continuing its mission to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality, CHIME FOR CHANGE has collaborated with the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) to release a special edition of its CHIME Zine, highlighting Black women and girls in gender violence discourses, uplifting their stories, and advancing a gender-inclusive narrative in the movement for Black lives.

CHIME FOR CHANGE began publishing its CHIME Zine in 2019 to further support and celebrate the community of global voices speaking out for gender equality. At a time when people around the world are increasingly demanding intersectional social justice, CHIME FOR CHANGE is proud to present this special digital edition dedicated entirely to the #SayHerName campaign, encouraging conversation, self-expression and meaningful action around this critical issue.

Led by guest editor Kimberlé Crenshaw, this latest issue of the CHIME Zine centers the powerful voices of Black women and calls on the global community to join AAPF in their #SayHerName campaign. Crenshaw is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of AAPF and a leading authority on civil rights, Black feminist legal theory, and race, racism and the law. She is popularly known for terms she coined, and ideas she theorized: “Intersectionality” and “Critical Race Theory”. The #SayHerName campaign, which was launched in December 2014 by AAPF and the Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies (CISPS), brings awareness to the often-invisible names and stories of Black women and girls who have been victimized by police violence, and provides support to their families.

“AAPF is honored to collaborate with CHIME FOR CHANGE to highlight our #SayHerName campaign and bring awareness to the often overlooked stories of Black women who have been killed as a result of police violence.”

– Kimberlé Crenshaw, Co-Founder and Executive Director of AAPF

“Few people know the level of violence and cruelty that Black women experience. As such, the crux of our promise is to bear witness to these everyday experiences and bring to light the voices of those that live in the shadows. This issue of the CHIME Zine is an ode to all Black women – demonstrating that there is no one story that rises above the rest, no family grief that is more important than another’s, and no demand for justice that rings louder than the rest. This equal footing, and the solidarity that comes from it, is the glue that holds the #SayHerName community together.”

CHIME’s #SayHerName special edition zine features written essays, poetry, photography and multimedia pieces from contributors curated by Crenshaw with support from CHIME Zine Editor-in-Chief Adam Eli, and art directed by visual artist MP5. The contributions demonstrate creative self-expression while confronting the intersections of race, gender identity, class, mental health and other pressing social issues.

Content includes: a tribute to motherhood by Gina Best, mother of India Kager who was killed by Virginia Beach police in 2015; an essay on why we #SayHerName by writer Nicole Young; a soundscape and treatise on artistic activism by songwriter Abby Dobson; a piece on social justice from Chicago Sky guard and WNBA Social Justice Council member Sydney Colson; an essay by Melania Brown, sister of Layleen Xtravaganza Cubilette-Polanco who died in solitary confinement at Rikers Island jail in June 2019; the importance of storytelling by Jamilah Lemieux; a plea for change by Maria Moore, sister of Kayla Moore who was killed by Berkeley police in 2013; an essay on flipping the script on racist and sexual abuse by Thandie Newton; a piece on creating safe spaces by Priscilla Ocen; an ode to Marielle Franco by Jurema Werneck, Executive Director of Amnesty International Brazil; poems by Aja Monet, Gina Loring and Monèt Noelle Marshall; artwork by Omari Booker and Lehna Huie; and photography by Ashley Marsh, Savanna Ruedy and Nyki Elle.

CHIME FOR CHANGE aims to inspire participation in a collective community, bringing people together across borders and generations to create positive change for women and girls. From its nonprofit projects funding grassroots movements led by women of color around the world, to providing a platform for artists and activists in the fight for equality, CHIME FOR CHANGE directly supports the next generation of leaders who are accelerating progress towards gender equality.

View and explore the full issue here.

Edited by Adam Eli and art directed by MP5, the full CHIME Zine series is available at

A dedicated Gucci Podcast episode marks the launch of the special edition of the CHIME Zine, and features the voices of family members recounting the stories of their sisters and daughter who were victims of police violence, including Gina Best, Maria Moore and Melania Brown. Listen to the episode on the Gucci podcast channel.