Dec 3, 2020

On December 3, CHIME FOR CHANGE non-profit partner Equality Now hosted its annual and first-ever virtual Make Equality Reality Gala, featuring the third annual Changemaker Award presented by Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE to student and activist Nadeen Ashraf.

The Changemaker Award, announced annually at the Gala, celebrates the next generation of activists who are championing gender equality and inspiring positive change through self-expression and active citizenship. At just 21 years old, Nadeen founded the Instagram account Assault Police to create a safe space for women who have experienced sexual harassment and violence — a widespread issue in Egypt — to openly share their stories. The platform quickly grew into a wider campaign that propelled Egypt’s #MeToo movement and inspired activism and solidarity among hundreds of thousands of people.

“I would like to tell the younger generation that you can definitely use social media for change, even if it’s TikTok, don’t let anyone discourage you from using these platforms for good. At the end of the day I’m just a 22-year-old woman who felt frustrated with being silenced through the years. I always tell myself that if I don’t do it, then who’s going to?” – Nadeen Ashraf, 2020 Changemaker Award Recipient

Nadeen is the third recipient of the award, with prior recipients being actor, artist and activist Amandla Stenberg and writer, activist and journalist Scarlett Curtis, both members of the CHIME FOR CHANGE Advisory Board. In a guest appearance, Scarlett Curtis introduced Nadeen for the Changemaker Award, followed by an inspiring interview covering digital activism, justice for sexual assault survivors and amplifying voices for change.

Since 2019, Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE have supported Equality Now, a leading international NGO dedicated to using the law to promote gender equality. The Make Equality Reality Gala is an evening featuring a unique program of art, advocacy and entertainment to inspire activism and celebrate those working to achieve a gender-equal future.

View the full video from the virtual gala below.