CHIME in Brazil: Increasing Women’s Political Participation and Representation with UN Women Brazil


Jan 22, 2019

Enhancing women’s political participation and representation in Brazil.

In Brazil, women are underrepresented at every level of government, from the National Congress to federal, state and municipal governments. Black and indigenous women face even greater barriers to political power, and are even more underrepresented. As violence against women grows, more barriers are placed in the way of women’s political participation.

CHIME FOR CHANGE and UN Women are partnering to address the legal framework and policies that can help increase women’s participation in Brazil’s 2020 elections. Together, we’ll host two convenings of women politicians, leaders and young advocates to strategize about the best ways to end violence against women in the political process and achieve parity democracy, or the full and equal integration of women into all parts of democratic society. We’ll place a specific focus on the inclusion and development of young leaders, especially black and indigenous activists.