CHIME in India: Changing Women’s Lives with I Was A Sari


Jan 22, 2019

Providing regular income, dignity and access to opportunity for women in Mumbai.

Since 2018, Gucci and I was a Sari have partnered together to help scale I was a Sari’s programs providing embroidery training to vulnerable and disadvantaged women living in Mumbai. The embroidery training programs are a safe place for women, run by women, to learn new skills and earn a regular income, opening pathways to economic opportunity for individual women, their families, and the community. Traditionally, this practice of embroidery is dominated by men, and together, Gucci and I was a Sari have not only trained women, but also have begun to change the social and community norms around female empowerment.

With additional support from CHIME, I was a Sari will continue to expand their training program, developing more artisans as well as women in leadership roles within the organization.

Explore more about Gucci’s work with I was a Sari, including how I was a Sari originated and its impact on the fashion industry, here.