CHIME in Italy: Supporting Justice for Women and Girls in Italy


Jan 22, 2019

Empowering youth to address gender-based violence in Italy through innovative, interactive programming.

One in three women will experience violence in her lifetime, and girls and young women, ages 15 to 24, experience the highest rates of gender-based violence. Young women are subjected to unique types of violence than older women. To address and respond to gender-based violence among young people in Italy, CHIME FOR CHANGE and Vital Voices are partnering to convene the Justice Institute on Gender-Based Violence.

The Justice Institute is an innovative and interactive training program that will bring together survivor advocates, criminal justice professionals, and representatives of high schools and colleges to create a holistic response to address violence against young women and girls.

Working with local women leaders, the convening will advocate an intersectional and culturally-sensitive approach to changing the way Italy approaches gender-based violence, including through workshops covering technology’s impact on gender-based violence, gender-based violence against LGBTQ and gender-expansive youth, and sexual assault among college and high school youth.

Donate at to support young advocates in Italy and add your voice to our call to end gender-based violence.