CHIME & Women Deliver: October 2019 Project Highlights


Nov 11, 2019

Building on its six-year legacy of funding more than 425 non-profit projects with 156 partners in 89 countries, directly benefiting more than 570,000 girls and women globally and reaching more than 3 million family and community members, CHIME FOR CHANGE is proud to support projects with global partners working to empower the next generation of leaders and help realize a gender-equal world.

This year, CHIME has partnered with Women Deliver to support its award-winning Young Leaders program, which connects outstanding young advocates with the platforms, people and resources they need to amplify their influence. In the months between July and October 2019, the Women Deliver Youth Engagement Team focused on applying key learnings to the next iteration of their Digital University, providing young people with opportunities to engage on important issues through strategic communications work, and launched its next round of grants.

Here are some highlights from Women Deliver’s progress in key areas of youth engagement:

– Youth Engagement team collaborated with all Women Deliver teams to develop refreshed content for the Digital University. 

– Finalized a new round of 23 grants for Young Leaders and alumni across 14 countries including an inaugural  grant awarded to an adolescent, Milka Brenda Ininahazawe, a 2018 Young Leader from Burundi, who is implementing a grant to promote menstrual hygiene through sexual education workshops and public education campaigns for adolescents.

– Women Deliver launched a new position paper, Meaningful Youth Engagement: Sharing Power, Advancing Progress, Driving Change, on International Youth Day (August 12) to call for redefining power and establishing new approaches that meaningfully engage youth to build a more equitable society.

– 12 Young Leaders who received grants in the fall 2018 cycle published reflections on their advocacy projects in partnership with Wellbeing of Women.

– This December, Women Deliver will co-create and convene the a workshop in Panama City to further train and support Young Leaders and alumni in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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