Mexico: Creating Structural Change by Connecting the Feminist Movement


May 24, 2019

By Laura García

As part of CHIME FOR CHANGE’s partnership with Global Fund for Women, CHIME is supporting Fondo Semillas, a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of women in Mexico. CHIME’s work with Fondo Semillas – which means “seeds” in Spanish – provides grants to marginalized young women to empower them to be leaders and educators around issues of reproductive health in their communities.

Below, Fondo Semillas’ Executive Director Laura García describes the organization’s work towards creating structural change in Mexico, and how women are leading the way.

Fondo Semillas is a feminist fund that works with grassroots organizations with the overarching goal of improving the lives of women in Mexico. Instead of providing short-term cures for the conditions of injustice and inequality that women endure, Fondo Semillas works to address these conditions by making deep-rooted, structural change. Women leaders already identify their needs, organize themselves and propose solutions – Fondo Semillas provides support with financial resources, capacity building and training, as well as by facilitating links with other donors and opening doors to new strategic opportunities.

“We dream of a country where all women, indigenous, mestiza, black, young, migrant, heterosexual, lesbian, mothers and students alike can make their own decisions and have access to education, health services, a decent job, justice and happiness.” – Fondo Semillas

Fondo Semillas works with a broad diversity of women’s organizations, supporting issues and advocates including:

– Women working to end sexual harassment at work, and seeking fair payment and dignified working conditions within the textile industry;
– Young women advocating for decriminalization of abortion and access to safe conditions for women that have decided to interrupt a pregnancy;
– Indigenous women fighting for their right to own the land they work on; and
– Domestic workers who have organized themselves to make their labor conditions visible and pursue the recognition of their rights.

“I have an 8-year-old daughter who tells me ‘Mama, I’m going to create a union for workers so that they respect my rights when I grow up’ – that’s what I call change!” – Woman Human Rights Defender, Domestic Workers

Fondo Semillas is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with CHIME FOR CHANGE, given their shared view of a world with fair opportunities for all, as well as their shared interest in building the leadership of young, feminist women fighting for gender equality.

Join us in supporting young women’s activism in Mexico, especially in marginalized and indigenous communities via our strategic partner, GlobalGiving