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Southern Africa: Addressing Period Poverty to Keep Girls in School

By Tanya Puncuh Founder, Padding Africa Millions of schoolgirls around the world are unable to fulfill their dreams and aspirations due to an inability to pay for and access basic sanitary products during their menstrual cycle. Padding Africa aims to give girls and women dignity, pride and empowerment with something as simple as a reusable, […]

India: Mission Fight Back – Testimonies

By Lt. Col. Rohit Mishra (Retd.) CEO of Mission Fight Back  What is it like? What is a father supposed to do when his child is being stalked? Or when a woman is being beaten up? Or a child molested by his religious teacher? Mostly, they do nothing. Our society even has a way of re-victimizing […]

India: Mission Fight Back – Safety in Our Own Fists

By Vedica Mishra Mission Fight Back In India’s mythological magnum opus “Mahabharata,” Draupadi, the main female protagonist of the literary work, is insulted and disrobed in the King’s court as her five husbands have staked and lost her on the gambling table. Lord Krishna’s divine intervention saved her honor. But until Krishna intervenes, nobody rises […]

India: Mission Fight Back – Prologue

By Lt. Col. Rohit Mishra (Retd.) CEO of Mission Fight Back When Vedica, my thirteen-year-old daughter, insisted that we go to the India Gate to light a candle in honour of the late Nirbhaya, the young victim of the Delhi gang rape, I wasn’t too keen on it. The area remains a high-security zone after […]

CHIME in the Arab Region: Convening Intergenerational Activists for Women’s Rights

Connecting and mobilizing young women activists to drive progress on human rights in the Middle East and North Africa

France: Crafting the City’s Social Fabric with Sakina M’Sa

By Mariane Pearl Social barriers don’t mean much for designer and activist Sakina M’Sa. If you ever see her walking in the streets of Paris, you’ll recognize her easily. She’s three feet two inches, styles her hair as an Afro and flashes an easy smile. Also, she might be surrounded by fashion models or by […]

Mexico: Creating Structural Change by Connecting the Feminist Movement

By Laura García As part of CHIME FOR CHANGE’s partnership with Global Fund for Women, CHIME is supporting Fondo Semillas, a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of women in Mexico. CHIME’s work with Fondo Semillas – which means “seeds” in Spanish – provides grants to marginalized young women to empower them to […]

The Irregular Report: Gen Z and Fluidity

CHIME FOR CHANGE and Irregular Labs partnered to release the second edition of the biannual The Irregular Report, exploring the theme of Fluidity through the lens of girl and gender nonconforming Gen Zs. It is produced with and by a community of 6 Gen Z editors and more than 2,500 Gen Zs around the world in partnership […]

Flipping the Switch

By Dave Moutray I grew up in the American Midwest, the oldest child of a Cuban mother and a father from St. Louis, Missouri. My looks may come from his side of the family, but it is my Cuban mother who gave me this insatiable love of stories. When I was a child, we struggled […]

Iraq: Empowering Yezidi Women to Lead After Trauma

By Pari Ibrahim In 2015, CHIME FOR CHANGE and Gucci supported the Free Yezidi Foundation with a grant to construct a women’s center in an internally displaced persons camp in Northern Iraq. Below, Pari Ibrahim, founder of the Free Yezidi Foundation, describes the challenges that the Yezidi people – especially women – face, and how […]

I Was Fourteen When I Found Out What Human Trafficking Means

By Agnes Igoye This is how old I was when the Lord’s Resistance Army raided my home village in Eastern Uganda. As a teenager, I was quickly cast aside for sexual exploitation by the LRA Commanders in charge of triage. They wanted virgins, the younger the girl, the better. I narrowly escaped them by following […]

CHIME in the Arab Region: Connecting and Mobilizing Activists for Gender Equality with Equality Now

Connecting and mobilizing young women activists to drive progress on human rights in the Middle East and North Africa

CHIME in Hong Kong, Brazil and Mexico: Catalyzing Next Gen Leadership for Gender Equality with the Global Fund for Women

Building the pipeline of young leaders in Hong Kong, Brazil and Mexico, who are organizing across issues and developing innovative approaches to create social change.

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